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Best Workplace Solutions for Clutter: A Checklist for Spring Cleaning at the Office

Updated: May 12, 2023

Did you know that cleaning and decluttering can improve your mood, focus, health, and food choices? Read this article for your own spring cleaning guide.

Image of a room with a cluttered desktop work space that needs to be tidy. This will increase productivity while creating a sense of peace.

Workplace Clutter Solutions: Your 4-Part Checklist for Spring Cleaning at the Office

1. Spring Clean Personal Areas

Personal areas, like desks, cubicles, and cubbies, tend to get the most cluttered and dusty. They're also some of the most important spaces in the office since that's where we spend the majority of our time. Here's how to get a clean, organized office space:

Working top-down, start getting rid of any unnecessary items on the exterior of your desk space or workspace. Throw away or donate what doesn't add value. Decluttering your work space can help improve your confidence and mental clarity.

  • Moving into drawers, repeat the last step.

  • Shred any old, unneeded files or paperwork from your filing system.

  • Dust all desk surfaces with a microfiber cloth.

  • Use sanitizing wipes or spray to wipe down all surfaces.

  • Clean the keyboards, mouse, and computer screen with a microfiber cloth.

  • Sanitize phones, keyboards, and mouses.

  • Organize by keeping items you use most within reach, either on top of the desk or in the top drawers. Move items you don't often use to the bottom drawers.

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2. Digital Spring Cleaning

Your computer is likely home to plenty of unused, unnecessary information. No checklist for spring cleaning would be complete without the following:

  • Clear your desktop first, sorting any materials into labeled folders.

  • Look for any old documents you no longer need or programs you don't use that you can get rid of.

  • Back-up files that you may need in the future but don't access often.

  • Clear out voicemails and refresh your phone greeting.

  • Respond to, sort, and delete emails.

  • Consider updating weak passwords.

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3. Spring Clean Shared Spaces

Depending on your office size, you might have a lot of shared spaces that everyone in the office uses. Let others know ahead of time that you'll be cleaning and organizing these areas, so they have time to collect their personal items if necessary. Feel free to divvy up the following cleaning activities among employees to get a clean office faster.


Start by emptying out any unclaimed items from the fridge and cabinets. One of the best workplace solutions for clutter is to have employees initial personal items they want to keep at work - anything without this will be thrown out or donated. Then, wipe down cabinets, clean the fridge, and wipe out the microwave with a warm, soapy rag. Dry those areas before adding and reorganizing personal items that are staying. Wipe down the coffee maker and restock coffee products. Finally, wipe down counter space and tables before sweeping or vacuuming the floor.

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You likely clean the bathrooms on a consistent basis, so focus on a deep cleaning this time around. Dust in less-common places, like above bathroom stalls and mirrors. Sanitize door handles, knobs, dispensers, and countertops. Check that toilets are in good working order and that storage closets are organized and well-stocked with office supplies.

Meeting rooms:

Meeting rooms generally remain clean, but this is a time to verify that. If you've been using the meeting rooms as extra storage, find a permanent space for that clutter. Sanitize conference phones and tables. Wipe off or vacuum chairs before cleaning the floors.

4. Overall Spring Cleaning

With the above done, it's time to put the finishing touches on the entire office.

  • Dust any remaining surfaces from top to bottom.

  • Water office plants and remove any dead foliage.

  • Sweep and mop tile and wood floors.

  • Vacuum carpets.

  • Update air fresheners.

  • Organize and restock cleaning supplies/equipment in a storage area for next time.

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There you have it: an easy-to-manage to-do list for spring cleaning at the office. Don't forget, one of the most important workplace solutions for clutter is to keep it all organized! You can use a desk calendar or a planner - be sure to check out Dr. Dawn's printable planner here!

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