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30 Most Inspiring Mantras for Better Health, Wellness, and Self-Love

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Want to try out a mantra for wellness and self-love, but aren’t sure where to begin? Check out this blog for 30 positive, motivational mantras to help you get started.

woman enjoying nature while reciting inspiring mantras and practicing self love.

Boost Health, Wellness, and Self-Love with These 30 Inspiring Mantras

The way you speak to yourself every day matters. If you struggle to focus on the positive, you can actually use healing mantras for better health, wellness, and self-love. Motivational mantras have been used for thousands of years and offer a variety of health benefits, from reduced stress to better self-compassion. Read on to find out why and how you can incorporate more self-love into your own health and wellness routine.

What Are Mantras?

Mantras are short, simple phrases that you repeat to yourself, either silently or aloud. Mantras are often used in meditation by most people. By repeating one mantra, you can focus on a specific sound or intention. It’s through this mantra that you can mindfully direct your emotions and thoughts. [*]

Still, positive mantras are not only for meditation. They can also be used in daily life to help redirect your thoughts, especially in women’s health and wellness. For example, if you struggle with negative self-talk, you likely often find yourself noticing more and more unfavorable things about yourself. This is because your brain searches for evidence of the thoughts you deem most important - the ones you repeat to yourself often. [*]

By choosing a motivational mantra, you can redirect your thoughts when this happens and boost your self-esteem. Over time, you can change your way of thinking, which ultimately changes your feelings and actions to support the health and wellness you desire.

Many successful people have been found to use motivational mantras every day to help them stay focused and keep pushing forward in their careers, health conditions, and other goals. The goal is that each mantra reminds them of their wellness and capability and helps them dream big.

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What Is The Difference Between Positive Mantras and Positive Affirmations?

Positive mantras and affirmations are both statements that you can use to change your mindset and improve your life. But what's the difference between them?

A mantra is a short, powerful phrase that you repeat to yourself, often during meditation. It can be anything from a simple affirmation ("I am calm and relaxed") to a sacred Sanskrit phrase ("om namah shivaya").

An affirmation is a positive statement that you say to yourself (or out loud) to affirm something—like your worth, your abilities, or your goals. Positive affirmations can be general ("I am worthy of love and respect") or specific ("I will find all the success I desire").

Mantras are usually shorter and more focused than positive affirmations, and they're designed to be repeated over and over again. The repetition pushes forward the motivating mantra in your subconscious mind, which it can then start to influence your thoughts and behaviors.

Affirmations, on the other hand, are typically longer and more detailed. They're not meant to be repeated endlessly, but rather just spoken or thought about once or twice a day. The goal is to simply keep the affirmation in your conscious mind so that you can focus on it throughout the day. This is a technique used by many successful people as it sets their intentions for the day. As things happen and important tasks take over, you are able to return to your affirmation to let that be at the forefront of your thoughts.

So which is better for your self-care practice - success mantras or affirmations?

There's no right or wrong answer here - it's all about what works for you. If you find that repeating a short, simple success mantra helps to keep you focused and positive, then go for it. If longer, more detailed affirmations help you to visualize your goals and stay motivated, then go for those instead. However, today we will explore the power of daily mantras.

Are Mantras Beneficial for Women’s Health and Wellness?

While healing mantras have been used in various forms of meditation for many years, they’re also becoming more well-studied. The benefits are impressive. One 2012 study found that mantra meditation improved brain health in older adults experiencing memory problems. The adults experienced better cognitive function and cerebral blood flow by using daily mantras. [*]

Likewise, another study found that chanting motivational mantras could synchronize the right and left brain hemispheres, slowing cognitive decline. [*] Furthermore, studies have also shown that mantra meditation can help lower stress, decrease blood pressure, improve sleep, and even control pain. [*][*][*]

Must-Use Mantras for Better Health, Wellness, and Self-Love

Not sure where to get started? Try out the following inspiring powerful mantras to help create clarity, joy, self-love, and peace. Be sure to pick up a journal to write down your daily habits, favorite mantras, and answer some self-love journal prompts. You can add this practice to your morning or evening self-care routine. Let's get ready to cultivate some positive energy!


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Overall Wellness Mantras for Women

  1. My body is healthy. My mind is sharp. My spirit is at peace.

  2. I’m having a great day because I choose to.

  3. I use positive thoughts to become my highest self.

  4. I choose who enters my life and I surround myself with loving people.

  5. I am intentional with my day. I am present. I am in control.

  6. I am grateful for my health and wellness.

  7. I am mentally in tune with what I need and want today.

  8. I honor my mind, body, and spirit by being kind to myself and others.

  9. I am grateful for this body that carries me through the journey of life.

  10. I radiate positive energy, which brings good things back to me.

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Good Health Mantras

  1. Every cell in my body is alive and thriving.

  2. I am getting stronger every single day.

  3. My well-being is my number one priority.

  4. I will not entertain or partake in what does not serve me.

  5. Failure is a stepping stone that leads me closer to my goals.

  6. I exhale negativity and inhale strength.

  7. I appreciate my body for its resilience.

  8. In my stillness, I find strength, clarity, and focus.

  9. I am saying “yes” to all things that serve my health today.

  10. My mental strength leads to my physical wellness.

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Self-Love Mantras for Women

  1. I am becoming the successful person I desire to be.

  2. I am on the right path, and each obstacle I face is there for a reason.

  3. I have limitless potential and I’m in control of where it takes me.

  4. I choose where to spend my energy and I spend it wisely.

  5. I am worthy of love and good things.

  6. My commitment to myself and my wellness is unbreakable.

  7. I am tougher and braver than I look. I have many strengths.

  8. I am the creator of my own path and I am confident in my decisions.

  9. I have the power to let go of the negative things that do not serve me.

  10. I’m proud of myself and what I have accomplished.

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Mantras are powerful tools that can help to improve self-love, self-esteem, and overall well-being. By repeating a positive affirmation or statement, we can train our minds to focus on the good and push away negative thoughts. Try these mantras this week to improve your self-worth.

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