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30 Absolute Best Wellness Wednesday Ideas You Must Try This Week

Updated: 1 day ago

Wednesday can be the most challenging day of the week. You’ve already worked for two days, and there are still two more days until the weekend. This can make it tough to focus on your work, much less on your personal well-being.

Hello Wednesday Sign

Wellness Wednesday is something you do every Wednesday to focus on your overall well-being. There are even corporate Wellness Wednesday programs that encourage employees to get and stay healthier.

Want some more concrete advice? Here are 30 inspirational ideas to celebrate Wellness Wednesday and improve your physical and mental health.

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30 Wellness Wednesday Ideas for a Healthy Lifestyle

1. Start an Exercise Routine

Getting regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for your health, but it can be tough to get motivated.

Well, here’s your chance. Commit to it, and make it a part of your Wellness Wednesday routine. If you can work out on hump day, you can exercise any day!

To enhance your post-workout recovery and promote overall well-being, consider incorporating a cold therapy machine into your routine. These machines provide targeted cold therapy, aiding in the reduction of post-exercise inflammation and muscle soreness.

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Another way to take your at-home wellness journey to the next level is with YouAligned – the ultimate platform for premium on-demand classes. Ready to elevate your home practice with top-notch yoga, fitness, meditation, Pilates, barre, and wellness-focused classes led by renowned instructors? With YouAligned, you have the flexibility to practice anywhere, anytime, ensuring that your Wellness Wednesday routine becomes a seamless part of your lifestyle.

Choose from hundreds of yoga classes in various styles, break a sweat with fitness and dance sessions, or find moments of tranquility through guided meditation. What's even better?

YouAligned offers premium classes starting at just $8 per month with an annual membership. Don't miss the opportunity to try it FREE for 14 days and unlock a world of holistic well-being. Upgrade your wellness journey with YouAligned today!

2. Go Outside for Lunch

Getting outside allows you to breathe fresh air and soak in some sunshine. So why not take your lunch break at a local park?

You’ll enjoy the change of setting and the peaceful atmosphere. Even if you’re just eating on a bench outside of your workplace, it’s better than nothing.

3. Practice Grounding

Grounding is the practice of connecting your body to the Earth’s magnetic field.

If it’s nice out, you can just take a walk outside while you’re barefoot. If it’s not nice out, the Earthing Products grounding mat can create the same effect.

4. Declutter Your Space

A cluttered environment can be depressing and distracting and takes a toll on your mental health. For Wellness Wednesday, try decluttering your space.

You can organize your desk at work, or tidy up your dresser at home. Either way, you’ll feel better.

5. Schedule a Checkup

Have you visited your doctor in the last year? If not, Wellness Wednesday is a good time to schedule a checkup.

Ladies should visit a gynecologist and have a mammogram if they’re 40 or older. Men 55 and older should have their prostates checked.

6. Drink Eight Glasses of Water

Dehydration can create brain fog and make it difficult to focus. And if you’re like most people, it can be tough to get as much water as you need.

On Wellness Wednesday, commit to drinking at least eight glasses of water. You’ll feel more energized, and the benefits will continue into the next day. The Zulay Fruit Infuser Water Bottle is an ideal hydration partner for enhancing your overall wellness. Grab one today!

7. Sweat it Out

Lymphatic fluid transports proteins, surplus fats, cellular waste, viruses, and bacteria, facilitating the removal of toxins through perspiration. This is why engaging in a rejuvenating sauna session, known for inducing profuse sweating, can enhance the body's detoxification process.

Try a session at the gym or use a sauna blanket at home! I absolutely love mine and it really helps me sleep.

Woman relaxing in a sauna blanket

8. Talk to a Nutritionist

A healthy diet is key to living a healthy life. But with all the misinformation out there, it can be tough to know what’s actually healthy.

Instead of going it alone, try scheduling a meeting with a qualified nutritionist who can help you create a healthy diet plan. How’s that for a Wellness Wednesday idea?

Tip: As you embark on this journey, keep in mind that Thrive Market offers a curated selection of wholesome and organic products that align with your nutrition goals. Explore their diverse range of pantry staples, snacks, and kitchen essentials to support your commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

9. Practice “Sober Wednesday”

Alcohol can be enjoyable, but it’s also a toxin. So it’s no surprise that many people are reevaluating their relationship with alcohol.

Try turning Wellness Wednesday into Sober Wednesday and giving your body a break. Taking a break from alcohol can also be good for your emotional wellness.

10. Take a Break From Technology

Technology can be a double-edged sword. It makes us more productive, but sometimes it can feel like you’re chained to your phone.

Wellness Wednesdays are a great opportunity to cut the cord. Turn off your phone when you get home and enjoy the silence with a social media break.

11. Try Wellness Tracking

A quick search through your phone’s app store will reveal a whole slew of wellness apps and tools.

The MyFitnessPal is my personal favorite. It’s a full-featured app that tracks your progress and provides personalized recommendations to help you build healthy habits.

Let's not forget pregnancy workout apps that cater to the unique needs of moms-to-be!

My Fitness Pal app

12. Take Some Time to Meditate

Meditation can help to clear your mind and find a sense of serenity, and it only takes ten to fifteen minutes.

If you haven’t already, schedule a few minutes to meditate on Wednesday mornings. You’ll be surprised how much difference a healthy mindset makes.

Consider using Headspace, a popular meditation app, for guided sessions that make mindfulness accessible and contribute to your overall well-being.

13. Relax For the Day

Not everyone will be able to do this. But if you can, take the day to do absolutely nothing.

Binge a Netflix show. Take a bubble bath. Do whatever you want for your own self-gratification!

Headspace wellness app

14. Go Hiking

Hiking comes with a number of mental health benefits. It can reduce stress and even help with anxiety and depression.*

When you go for your Wellness Wednesday hike, you’re going to need a good pair of shoes. The Peregrine 12 are lightweight and comfortable, with excellent traction and foot protection.

15. Schedule a Walking Meeting

If you don’t have time for a hike, try a walking meeting.

Walking meetings allow you to get outside and get some exercise, all while being productive. In addition to promoting your own good health, they're also a great way to bond with your coworkers.

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16. Participate in a Step Challenge

A step challenge is when a group of people competes to see who can take the most steps in a given period of time.

You can use a smartwatch or a similar device to count up your steps and prepare your results. To make the challenge even more engaging, consider having everyone buy-in on an award for the winner.

For those who might be dealing with a knee issue, such as a meniscus tear, it's important to take steps—pun intended—to ensure their participation. Wearing a supportive knee brace for meniscus tear (or generalized knee pain) during the step challenge can provide the necessary stability and protection, allowing individuals to partake in the friendly competition while prioritizing their knee health.

So, whether you're aiming for the step challenge trophy or considering the comfort and support of a knee brace, finding a balance between activity and care is key.

17. Set Some Goals

People like to set goals for New Year’s, but why not set a new goal every Wednesday?

The nice thing about this is that we tend to give up on New Year’s resolutions after a few weeks. By setting a weekly goal, you’re making it more achievable.

18. Start Journaling

Journaling is a fancy word for keeping a diary. You can write down anything from your work stresses to the mundane details of your personal life.

Journaling can also provide an opportunity for reflection. Dr. Dawn’s mindfulness journal is a great tool for doing just that. I love using self-love journal prompts for inspiration!

19. Celebrate Your Accomplishments

It’s easy to get down on yourself, particularly if you’re having a stressful week. Make a list of your accomplishments, and then celebrate them.

This can be as simple as doing a little happy dance, or you can do something a little more elaborate like taking yourself to dinner.

20. Take a Sugar Fast

We all love sweets. I sure do! But they’re a guilty pleasure that we could all stand to eat less of.

Taking a sugar fast, even for a day, can help reset your body’s cravings. You may even notice that your favorite sweet foods taste better after a break!

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

21. Eat More Vegetables

It can be tough to eat your vegetables, especially if you’re eating out.

On Wellness Wednesday, try making your own food at home and including plenty of vegetables. Bonus points if you can get the five recommended daily servings.

Purple Carrot is an excellent option for individuals looking to incorporate more veggies into their diet, offering a convenient and flavorful plant-based meal kit service. With chef-crafted recipes delivered to your doorstep, Purple Carrot makes it easy to enjoy nutritious meals while embracing a wholesome and sustainable approach to eating.

22. Drink Some Ginger Tea

A good digestive tea can have huge benefits. Ginger tea is one of the best and can help relieve bloating, nausea, and even diarrhea.*

One of my favorite teas is the Sabrosa Ginger Sensation tea from Sips By. Not only does it contain ginger, but it includes green tea in the blend.

23. Work on Your Bedtime Routine

Getting good sleep is essential for both your mental and physical health.

Commit to creating a bedtime routine to help you wind down and get better quality sleep. This should include shutting off bright lights an hour before bed, which signals your brain that it’s late.

Consider investing in sleep accessories, such as a comfortable mattress and pillows, to enhance your sleep experience.

If you've recently undergone shoulder surgery or are experiencing discomfort in that area, incorporating a specialized shoulder surgery pillow into your bedtime routine can make a significant difference. This supportive pillow is designed to provide optimal comfort and alignment, ensuring a more restful night's sleep during the crucial recovery period.

24. Pamper Yourself

If you’re stressed or depressed, take some time for your own self-care.

Use Wellness Wednesday as an opportunity to visit a spa, get a massage, or have your nails done. You’ll feel more relaxed and confident, ready to take on the rest of the week.

25. Take a Collagen Supplement

Collagen is an essential nutrient that’s found throughout the human body. This material gives structure to everything from our bones to our skin.*

Transform your skincare routine with HUM Collagen Love, the ultimate collagen supplement that champions skin elasticity and firmness. This skin-loving formula harnesses the power of premium collagen, vitamin C, and a potent antioxidant blend to enhance your skin's structure.

What sets HUM Nutrition apart is its commitment to cleanliness, clinical precision, and sustainability.

Vital Protein collagen supplement with fruit

26. Try Something New

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and keep following the same old routine. Instead, try stepping outside of your element and trying something new.

This can be anything from going to a park you’ve never visited to trying go-kart racing!

If you're considering taking up a new sport, like tennis (for a fresh and active experience), finding the best accessories and tennis racket for beginners is critical for injury prevention while you learn this new skill!

Trying something new is about discovering enjoyable hobbies that align with your wellness goals and interests.

27. Schedule a Yoga or Pilates Session

Yoga is a great way to relieve stress and promote your general wellness. Pilates is perfect for improving strength, posture, balance, and coordination. Both require portable and ideal exercise equipment for small spaces (if you desire to get fit from the comfort of your home).

Schedule a Wellness Wednesday yoga session and watch the stress melt away. Your mind will be clearer and you’ll be able to push through the rest of the week. Or, pick up a few inexpensive pieces of pilates equipment for home and focus on toning your core muscles.

28. Catch Up With an Old Friend

Have you ever been watching Netflix or drinking your morning coffee when an old friend pops into your mind?

Take some time to call them on Wellness Wednesday. You might revive that friendship and put some spark into your social life.

Smoothie Diet material

29. Drink a Green Smoothie

A green smoothie is a smoothie that includes spinach, kale, or other green vegetables. It will also typically include fruit and some type of protein.

Of course, you’ll need a good blender to create your smoothie. The Wolf Gourmet Pro Performance Blender is one of the best there is.

30. Go Over Your Finances

If you don’t have a good handle on your financial situation, it can weigh on your mind and create unnecessary stress.

Use Wellness Wednesday as an opportunity to go over your balance and bills and prepare a budget for the following week. If you have a partner, it’s good to sit down and do this together so you’re both on the same page.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many ways to celebrate Wellness Wednesday. You can focus on your physical health, your mental health, or even your personal relationships. Whether you want to lose weight, start meditating, incorporate mantras for health, or just take a spa day, it’s all up to you!

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