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Should You Combine HIIT With Weight Training? + Best HIIT Workout Equipment

Updated: Jan 23

We all want to maximize workout results, but is it safe to combine a HIIT workout with strength training in your fitness routine? Read the article to find out!

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How to Combine HIIT With Weight/Strength Training to Transform Your Body

For most of us, between work, taking care of the family, and other daily tasks, finding time to work out is difficult. So when we do show up to exercise, we want it to be as effective as possible, especially if trying to lose weight. This begs the question: can you combine HIIT with weight training to get optimal results and health benefits? Or should you stick to one or the other? Read on to find out more about HIIT vs weight training and if you can combine the two.

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What is HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training?

HIIT is a type of intense exercise where you workout for a short burst, followed by a shorter recovery period. The idea is to encourage muscle fatigue along with getting the heart rate up, before recovering slightly, and then repeating. HIIT workouts are typically about 10 to 30 minutes. Activities during HIIT can range from cardio, like biking or running, to strength, like bodyweight exercises, dumbbell squat, or bicep curl.

HIIT workouts have been well-studied and are shown to be incredibly effective, especially with burning calories. One study found that HIIT cycling workouts of 20 minutes were equally effective in improving systolic blood pressure to 40 minutes of continuous cycling. [*]

Another study showed that HIIT was more effective than moderate-intensity continuous training at improving a wide range of targets, including skeletal muscles, risk factors, autonomic function, cardiac function, inflammation, and quality of life. [*]

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What is Weight or Strength Training?

Weight or strength training involves using weights to create resistance, which strengthens, builds, and tones your muscles. You can use any gym equipment such as weight machines, dumbbells, and barbells, lifting them for a certain amount of repetitions and sets. [*]

Consistent weight training with an array of compound exercise makes you stronger, allowing you to lift heavier weights and heavier objects in daily life. Muscle has a higher metabolic rate than fat, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest. A resistance training workout can also increase your metabolic rate for up to three days after the exercise, helping you burn even more calories. [*] [*]

It's also worth noting that muscle is more dense than fat, so it takes up less space. When you build muscle, you appear leaner even if you haven't been losing weight. When paired with body fat loss, you gain a more defined appearance.

Benefits of Weight Training:

● Lowers the risk of injury [*]

● Decreases likelihood of falls [*]

● Aids in mobility [*]

● Boosts heart health by decreasing blood pressure and LDL cholesterol [*] [*]

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Should You Combine HIIT and Weight Training?

HIIT and weight training each provide a laundry list of different benefits. It's important to include both in your workout regime. Since HIIT training focuses on getting the heart rate up, it serves as more of a cardio exercise, while lifting weights focuses on building different muscle groups. In fact, one study showed that combining strength and cardio in an exercise routine promotes healthy weight and boosts fat loss. [*]

Ways to Combine HIIT with Weight Training:

● Adding different weight sets to your full body HIIT workout

● Do HIIT workouts and strength training on the same day but separately

● Do HIIT and strength workouts on different days

Generally speaking, it's best to keep HIIT cardio-focused to avoid issues with form, so HIIT workouts with weights is best for more advanced exercisers. However, combining HIIT with weight training in one day can maximize your time and burn calories if you're on a tight schedule.

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Best HIIT Workout Equipment:

The Yes4All Adjustable Kettlebells are a pair of tough, cast iron kettlebells with six removable plates. Each plate weighs five pounds and the handle itself weighs 10 pounds, so you can adjust between 10 and 40 pounds.


The Assault Fitness Bike provides a killer cardio workout, engaging both the upper and lower body. Its air resistance system adjusts to your intensity, making it suitable for all fitness levels.


TRX Slam Balls are perfect for explosive movements and full-body conditioning. With a durable rubber shell designed to withstand high-impact slams, they add versatility to your workouts.


Renowned for innovation, the Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells allow easy weight adjustment with a turn of a dial. Compact and perfect for dynamic HIIT workouts.

The ZENY Battle Rope is as tough as they come. It’s made from industrial-grade polymer and is 1.5 inches thick. You can order it in 30-, 40- or 50-foot lengths to optimize your routine.

A great set of core sliders can allow for an intense core workout on pretty much any surface. AZURELIFE makes some of the best core sliders on the market.

Best Home Workout Equipment Picks:

How to Combine HIIT With Strength Training

If doing HIIT and weight training on the same day, which one you do first depends on your goals. If your goal is weight loss and to burn fat, it's best to do bodyweight HIIT workouts first. If your primary goal is to increase muscle mass, such as your upper body or arm muscles, do weight training first. [*] [*] Either way, just make sure you take care of yourself too when making a workout plan!

Best Sports Bras for a Cardio Workout [*]:

Best Workout Leggings Picks for 2024:

Not sure where to start? Try out this beginner home workout. Be sure to start with a dynamic warm-up and finish off with a cool-down.

HIIT Workout Session:

Set an interval timer for periods of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Complete eight rounds of each of the following exercises for a total of 20 minutes:

● Jumping jacks

● Burpees

● High knees

● Push-ups

● Jump rope

Strength Training Exercises:

Complete 3 sets of 8 reps:

● Bicep curls

● Dumbbell Squats

● Shoulder press

● Sumo squats

● Tricep kickback

● Alternating forward dumbbell lunge/ or reverse lung

Be sure to plan your workouts to create a workout routine that is right for you and track your progress for the best results when combining HIIT with weight training. The right workout planner and exercise log can keep you on track and accountable, pushing you toward your goals even faster.

Medical Disclaimer: The information on this site, including text, graphics, images, and other material, is provided solely for informational purposes and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other healthcare professional with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your specific condition.

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