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7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Motivation to Workout

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Feeling a little lost when it comes to your fitness routine? Here are 7 techniques that will help you regain your motivation and get back on track.

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Boost Your Motivation to Workout

It's easy to get motivated to exercise when you start a fitness program for the first time. Yet, as time goes on, the excitement fades, and it becomes more difficult to maintain the same level of enthusiasm. This is completely normal and happens to everyone. The key is not to give up but instead find ways to reignite your passion for fitness. Here are seven tips for fitness motivation. Jumpstart your physical activity this week!

7 Simple Tips for Workout Motivation

1. Try Something Different

Doing something new might increase interest and motivation in physical activity. Change the intensity, try a different approach, or include some HIIT intervals to make it more challenging. The way you feel while exercising has an impact on how much you enjoy the activity and how inclined you are to do it. Working out can elicit feel-good emotions depending on the level of intensity and individual preferences. If you change the intensity of your workout, it may become more enjoyable.[*]

2. Write in a Fitness Journal

Keeping a journal of your accomplishments is an excellent method to stay motivated by seeing the big picture when searching for fitness and health inspiration. Writing in a fitness journal allows you to look back over time and see all your accomplishments. It's important to be realistic and take note of any challenges or setbacks. Keeping a fitness journal can help you stay motivated by recognizing your achievements.

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3. Cultivate Intrinsic Motivation

One of the most important fitness motivation facts is that intrinsic motivation is key to a lasting exercise habit. Intrinsic motivation is the desire to do something for its own sake. Intrinsically motivated people are more likely to stick with a fitness program long-term.[*] When you're intrinsically motivated, you're self-motivated to make positive improvements.[*] There are a few things you can do to cultivate intrinsic motivation and make it work for you:

● Find out what you like about exercise and focus on those aspects.

● Remind yourself why exercise is so important to you the next time you want to

skip a workout.

● Make a list of all the positive things that happen when you're working out.

4. Try a 30-Day Challenge

A 2010 study found that it takes between 18 and 254 days for a new behavior to become automatic.[*] Starting a 30-day fitness challenge is an excellent way to boost motivation. The idea is simple: you set a goal and commit to exercising every day for 30 days. You can do any type of exercise that is both manageable and enjoyable enough for you to want to perform it every day.

The 30-Day Challenge workout calendar is a wonderful way to stay organized, manage your time, and keep track of your fitness activities while staying healthy and active.

5. Have Fun

Fitness should be an enjoyable pastime that you want to continue. So, if working out gets tedious, try something new. A survey of 575 participants was conducted to determine their level of exercise enjoyment and perseverance. Researchers followed up with the participants for six months and discovered that those who considered exercise to be more pleasurable were more dedicated and kept exercising.[*]

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6. Find a Supportive Community

We're all more likely to accomplish our goals if we stay connected to people who can help us get there. Reach out to a friend or family member to exercise together. Or, if you're more introverted, join an online fitness group where members support and encourage each other. Researchers found that people who engaged the most on social media platforms focused on fitness had the greatest sense of belonging and social support.[*]

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7. Use a Wellness App

Wellness apps can help improve workout motivation in a number of ways. First, they can provide users with information about their fitness progress and goals. This can help to keep them motivated by showing them how far they have come and what they need to do to reach their goals. They often offer specialty fitness classes and a supportive network.

Additionally, wellness apps can offer reminders and notifications about upcoming workouts. This can help you stay on track and not miss a workout. Finally, some apps also offer rewards or discounts for completing workouts. This can provide an extra incentive for you to stay active and motivated. Different apps can tailor to different goals you may have. For example, pregnancy workout apps are great for women who are looking to relieve pain and prepare for labor. Overall, wellness apps can be a great way to help improve their workout motivation.

High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a type of exercise that alternates between short periods of intense activity and periods of recovery. HIIT has been shown to be an effective workout for burning fat and improving fitness.

If you're looking for a workout that is both effective and motivating, HIIT is a great option. With its mix of intense activity and periods of recovery, HIIT can help you reach your fitness goals. And, because it's an activity that you can do almost anywhere, it's easy to make HIIT part of your regular routine.

Strength training/bodyweight training can also be safely added to a HIIT program.

Personal Training

Working with a personal trainer can be a great way to get started on your fitness journey. A personal trainer can help you develop a workout plan that is tailored to your individual needs and goals. They can also provide guidance and support to help you stay on track.

Printable Fitness Tracker Journal

Keep track of your fitness plans and stay motivated by writing in a fitness tracker. If you're wondering how to get your fitness motivation back, journaling about your fitness goals offers several benefits, including:

● A sense of accomplishment
● Continued motivation
● A commitment to yourself
● A record of all your past workouts
● Inspiration for future workouts
● The ability to visualize your progress

Lastly, exercise motivation is so important because working out can give you so much energy. Regular exercise:

  • Gets your blood flowing and your heart pumping, which can help to wake you up and give you more energy.

  • Releases endorphins, which are hormones that can boost your mood and make you feel more energetic.

  • Improves your sleep, which can also give you more energy during the day.

So give these tips a try and comment below on your results.

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